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They are widely used in kindergarten, amusement Bounce Time Manufactured commercial inflatable water slides, water parks and bounce house combos with water slides for sale. Description from I searched for this on

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Use golf tees tied to balloons to decorate your yard and spread out all the balloon fun.

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Win 2 iPad Minis - one for you and one for a friend

Win 2 iPad Minis – one for you and one for a friend!

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inflatable obstacle course bounce House Rentals Charlotte Astro Jump

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Homemade Gak

This homemade Gak recipe is so easy, and so much fun! Roll it into balls (it even bounces!), stretch it into snakes, or let it OOZE over top of your hands!

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bounce house! Sister kyva needs this for his birthday

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Sherwin Williams Room Makeover Part 1 - Plus a $100 giveaway

Sherwin Williams Makeover Part 1 – Plus a $100 for your room makeover!

$479 Holiday Pricing! That's a savings of $220 off the list price! KIDWISE Celebration Station Bounce House and Tower Slide

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Cables, cables, cables - make up a pretty versatile and unique Poncho Sweater!

Sometimes, I have a love/hate relationship with a design. Well, I am in love with the finished results of this one, but it was a design process for sure! I was very much in the mood for cables (can you...