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Harry the baby hippo

Baby Hippo :)

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Okay, I love this cute mom's creative ideas... she's a kid at heart for sure. She has all kinds of cute ideas for creative play on a dime. Here's just one. Wouldn't she be a fun mom?

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A water saving xeriscape design by Monica Hellweggen and Azul Cobb of Carlotta from Paradise, in Santa Fe, NM, features a number of drought tolearnt plants including salvia, daylily, broom, Hesperaloe, penstemon and sedum.

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4 Great Themes for Decorating Feminine Bathrooms

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Genus "Peixes." Lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, making it very difficult to study. Members of this genus, despite their solitary lifestyle, have plenty of personality and vary greatly from specimen to specimen. Occasionally seen in shallower water in the company of an "Ampora" genus member. (source:

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