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This 5s was brought to us with water damage. While water can often mean the end of the phone, we were able to restore this 5s to fully functional condition. If you've got a water damage phone bring it in to L1 135 Parnell Rd to see if it can be revived.

How to SAVE a #water #damaged #iphone. Hint: Rice really isn't the best option out there. This blog post explains the dos and don'ts of dealing with water damage in detail. And it's by people who fix water damaged phones every day. I was really surprised by some of this information and especially by some of the dont's. Pinning so I know what to do next time this happens.

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Myth Debunked: Uncooked Rice Isn't the Best Way to Save Your Water-Damaged Phone

Just as humans and every other living thing your Android phone needs some level of care to avoid natural breakdown. Quite unfortunately, there are series of


If your phone refuses to switch on after being dropped in water and you haven't backed up your data in the cloud or elsewhere, does this mean you have to accept all your data is gone forever from water damage? Not necessarily. You may be able to take steps to get your phone working again, and you may also be able to access all those files you feared were lost forever. Find out how here: #datarecovery

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How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone - Snapguidehhow to save a water damage phone