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Excellent example of sustainability meeting and hooking up with creativity for a longterm gridoff solution!


Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. The Cassini spacecraft captured an image of plumes originating from the south pole of the icy moon with a very clear signature of small ice particles. There is possible evidence of Yellowstone-like geysers fed by reservoirs of liquid water.


ultrafacts:Sergeant Calvin Graef, after hanging on to wreckage of the Arisan Maru for many hours with Corporal Don Meyer, eventually wound up in a lifeboat with Cpl Anton E. Cichi, Sgt Avary E. Wilburn and civilian Robert S. Overbeck. They had no food or water; the lifeboat had no oars or mast and the rudder was broken.Three miracles: A keg drifted by that contained fresh water and a pole floated by that turned out to be the missing mast; and some time later they picked a box from the sea…



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