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When most people think of providing water to birds, they think of a bird bath. Birds are attracted to the sound of moving water. Attaching a dripper or mister to your bird bath provides a source of moving water which backyard birds find irresistible! Many birds such as chickadees, finches and titmice will land on the dripper spout and creep down to the end and lean over to take a drink!

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Hummingbird Water. Attracting hummingbirds with water misters and bird baths.

Hummingbird Water. Attracting hummingbirds with water, an essential for their survival. There are Birdbaths available just for hummingbirds and Solar Mister Kits for supplying water to hummingbirds.

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Metal & Glass Plant Mister

In two terrain-exclusive shades, this glass mister provides a gentle shower for humidity-loving terrariums, orchids, or ferns.- A terrain exclusive- Glass, brass, bronze or chrome finish- Holds 8 oz. - diameter

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Cheerleader survival kit for cheer camp: tic tacs, Chapstick, water mister, nail polish, hand sanitizer, hair spray, tissues, sunscreen, gum & tidbits(q-tips, bobby pins, cotton pads, sanitizer wipes,, hair bands, nail file & band aids). Gift goody bags #cheercamp #cheergift #cheerfavors

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Authentic Brass Plant Mister - planter, watering can, plant care, succulent care, mister, mist

Authentic Brass Plant Mister - FREE air plant within US, planter, watering can, plant care, succulent care, home decor

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Like children running through a sprinkler, birds like to beat the heat by passing through water misters. They help birds keep their feathers in top condition by providing a water source for washing and preening. Our Mini-Mister™ attaches easily to any garden hose to produce a fine water spray. Place it near vines or bushes so birds, such as hummingbirds, can flutter against the wet leaves for a refreshing bath or a much needed drink.

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