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Water Hyacinth & Water Lettuce are extremely effective filter plants. Fast growers and heavy feeders, they fight algea by metabolizing the pond's nitrates and phosphorous by-products. They float on the surface of the water and shade the pond, fighting algae on another level. Like submersed plants, their long branched root structure also provides spawning areas for fish and shelter for baby fish. Duckweed, fairy moss and floating fern are also great clear water plants.


Water Cress. Water cress is a very vigorous low growing plant with delicate white flowers. Sometimes this plant is a little slow to get going in the spring but once the warm weather hits it can grow incredibly fast producing long white roots to suck up the nutrients from the water . Water cress prefers growing in flowing water which makes it a perfect plant for streams and waterfalls. you can even put a little in your salad.


Re-use a regular black plastic one gallon nursery pot. Put a coffee filter in the bottom and then fill it with the Walmart brand "Special Kitty" litter. It's {{only}} in the red bag--and make sure it says pure clay, with absolutely no additives. The pond water will stay clearer, (regular potting soil has fertilizer causing your algae to bloom!), and less problems with bacteria. You will need to push a fertilizer stick into pond plants potted in this at some point to give them extra…


The best way to maintain clear healthy water is to incorporate a large number of plants into the pond in addition to proper filtration