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Watermelon, has the highest concentrations of lycopene of any fresh fruit or veggie which helps fight heart disease & several types of cancer. It contains citrulline & arginine, which can help maintain arteries, blood flow & overall cardiovascular function. It helps in the treatment of many infections in the body, including inflammation of the joints. It is rich in calcium which aids in the preservation & strengthening of bone structures. It can also help with healing gout. #dherbs

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Facts about health, intersting health information WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts... this is probably why i am always stressed and have anxiety. I hate watermelon

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Its amazing that watermelon helps teh heart bc watermelon is one of the only fruits that almost instantly makes me feel better

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Infographic - Nutritional Benefits of Watermelons

Health benefits of Watermelon #health #nutrition #foodfacts

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Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes found in the stems of pineapples. It is distinct from the bromelain found in the pineapple fruit. Bromelain is used as a meat tenderizer in one application but has other mechanisms that support various aspects of health.*

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