Wave theory

“The universe seems to like talking to itself faster than the speed of light,” said Steinberg. “I could understand a universe where nothing can go faster than light, but a universe where the internal workings operate faster than light, and yet we’re forbidden from ever making use of that at the macroscopic level — it’s very hard to understand.”

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When light illuminates a pair of slits in a screen (top), the two overlapping wavefronts cooperate in some places and cancel out in between, producing an interference pattern. The pattern appears even when particles are shot toward the screen one by one (bottom), as if each particle passes through both slits at once, like a wave.

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Todos hemos sido estrellas, todos hemos sido luz, una sencilla y asombrosa explicación del universo 03/19/14 PHD comic: 'Cosmic Inflation Explained'

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Study material 12th Physics - Wave Theory of Light Read here: http://www.ednexa.com/hsc-blog/study-material-12th-physics-wave-theory-light/

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Einstein's gravitational waves found at last LIGO 'hears' space-time ripples produced by black-hole collision.

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Einstein's general theory of relativity suggests, among other things, that masses in space distort the geometry of space-time. In addition, moving objects emit waves of gravitational radiation that carry energy away into space.

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Elliott Wave Theory > http://www.babypips.com/school/summer-school/elliott-wave-theory/elliott-wave-theory.html (useful #trading article for #trader)

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