Cakes by Wayne Thibaud @Stephanie Winterquist you should have this print in your house somewhere

Wayne Thiebaud Cakes 1963 oil on canvas--Use Thiebaud's paintings to introduce young students to the elements of form, texture and value

One of my favorite paintings by one of my favorite artists. Wayne Theibaud inspired most of my paintings in college. Pictures of this painting can't possibly do it justice.

Wayne Thiebaud - cake Date - Size - 634 x 789 inches Material - oil on canvas shadows and steep hills by Wayne Thiebaud.  What is it about the light in his paintings that is so uniquely Californian?

'Find a new perspective.' jc - Wayne Thiebaud ~ Ripley Street Ridge, 1976 (oil on canvas)

One of Wayne Thiebaud's amazing cake paintings. Wonderful use of color & texture, those slices are calling my name...

Paintings by Wayne Thiebaud

The Crocker Art Museum , Sacramento, CA Wayne Thiebaud , Boston Cream Pies detail, love the juicy paint and brushwork!

Wayne Thiebaud, Dessert Circle, 1992-1994, Art © Wayne Thiebaud/Licensed by VAGA, New York

Wayne Thiebaud, Dessert Circle, Art © Wayne Thiebaud/Licensed by VAGA, New York photo surrealism