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yep..this is how it is..they love being close to their people. And their people feel exactly the same way about them.

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How to look great when it's chilly!

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When i am feeling down and sad, i had a bad day at work and i can barely lift myself from my bed, someone comes to rescue me. It cuddles with me, motivates me to get up and takes me out for a walk. Sometimes i am so angry and stressed and it comes to […]

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A moment of peace in a hostile world. Whose plate did they end up on? Their lives mattered to me. They were nothing but property. Barcodes. Profit. This is why I am vegan.

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PRECIOUS - A1100414 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 01/03/17 A volunteer writes (as told by Precious): Hello out there! My name is Precious, and I live up to my name in every way possible. Here’s why: although the only family I’ve ever known brought me here because they’re moving where I’m not allowed, we had a great life. I’m friendly to everyone, lived with a 5 year old and an infant with whom I was playful. I sometimes forget th

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I totally did this when I'd wait up late at night to see if Bell would have her calf. She was the best!

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