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Wcw Stands For

when #wcw stands for #whitneycrushwednesday. whitney mero designer of @ovonion and professional muse to herowndangself. #blackgirlmagic #nature #forest #fashion #naturalhair #bighairdontcare


#WCW @miamatangi ❤️ Representation is so important. Everything you stand for is so important!! Thank you for making me feel beautiful whilst I was growing up. I remember the first time I watched your music video on TV and I felt so fucking proud - still feel that way to this day! You paved the way. #Queen

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#Overwatch #ow #tracer #mei #dva #widowmaker #mercy #fanart #art #sketch #cute #pinup #cartoon #artist #potg #wcw #overwatchfanart #digitalart #doodle #sketchbook #drawing #instaart #instaartist #draweveryday #justkeepdrawing #hiremedisney Sorry for all the posts this is another IFTTT test. Please stand by.

FOR THOSE OF YOU FOLLOWING MY JOURNEY PLEASE READ: I made a huge decision today I have decided I'm not competing! That's not my path in the fitness industry and I am focused more on balance. I have also come to the conclusion that it goes against what I truly stand for and that is EAT to nourish your body and make fitness represent a way of life and less of an obsession. This does not mean I am quitting because of difficulty....I can handle difficult but for health issues due to being under…


My #WCW is my Nana…my great grandmother. She was a force to be reckoned with! For all her brashness and sternness, she had a heart so huge it overflowed with love. She taught me strength, courage, and how to stand in my convictions as a human being. In the 1950’s, Nana started one of the very first basket giveaways for families in need. something my families continues to do. She gave the way she loved: Abundantly.

I may bend. I may fall. But the one thing about this woman is she get's back up again stronger wiser and determined. You may see a woman break but you won't ever see this woman not use her pieces to rise. She learned not to lean on her own understanding but to trust in the Lord with all of her heart. We should not lean on our baggage with shame. But learn to love the journey and process it takes us while unpacking. Every single item in our baggage makes us who we are and how greater we are…

My #wcw but really everyday! Exactly 4 years ago this very day of May 18 we opened a little shop for fun. A hobby kind of sort of not really ;) Our intention was to be a brand a lifestyle for less than one year getting back our small investment making a tiny wage not incurring debt and HAVING FUN! 4 years ago my life changed. I moved here to start again. I had nothing knew 1 person well actually 2 counting Angela ;) and was creating me again. I worked 2 jobs night and day and when not…

My #WCW is my amazingly stunning wife!!! She is the strongest woman I have ever met, she is my rock through our tough spots! No matter what I know she will stand beside me strong and steady for all of our life and after! Shay is the reason I am here today and the woman I am today had it not been for her I know I wouldn't be here! I love you so much Sharay Dian! #MyLife #GorgeousWife #Thankful #IAmProudToCallHerMyWife

#WCW to all of you amazing women going through life, learning each day, getting knocked down, standing back up, taking life head on, taking control, and building the best future for yourselves possible, both through smiles and tears, but most of all with love. #girlpower