Weather lessons

This collection of YouTube Weather Videos for Kids are a perfect addition to a weather unit!

Weather Videos for Kids

A collection of weather videos for kids covering the topics of what weather is, precipitation, clouds, extreme weather, and many more.

How many drops of water can a cloud hold before it rains?  This hands on science experiment is a first grade favorite!

Clouds in a Jar

Brainstorming adjectives for a certain topic would be a great warm up for LA lessons. For example, if my group was reading a book about weather, this might be a list we could think up

READING/SCIENCE: This activity would be a simple, yet engaging, way for students to share their own ideas about weather. Together, the whole class would brainstorm common weather terms and put them on display for the rest of the seasonal weather unit.

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The temperature strip is a great method for the students to recognize and practice using a thermometer. This will also help with weather and determining the degrees observe and discuss changes in weather and seasons using common vocabulary.

Preschool Cotton Ball Clouds Activity - great extension activity to include in weather lessons!

Preschool Cotton Ball Clouds Activity

Weather Week: This preschool cotton ball clouds activity is great for preschoolers learning all about the weather. Have fun making clouds out of cotton balls and then use the printable to cut out and label all of your clouds.

Snow lesson plans for kindergarten. Books, videos, reading lessons, math activities, and more!

SNOW MUCH FUN! Check out our snowy week!

Weather Teaching Activities:  Science and reading hands-on activities for students to learn about the different weather patterns.

Teaching Weather: Activities and Resources

Weather Teaching Activities Science and reading hands-on activities for students to learn about the different weather pattern. Has good activities for clouds and lightning and tornadoes all things you can relate to the curriculum.

21 great ideas to use when teaching a preschool weather theme. Hands-on activities that are FUN! Would be great for other ages too!

21 Awesome Ideas for a Preschool Weather Theme