Earth’s Rotation & Revolution: Crash Course Kids 8.1 by thecrashcourse: So, have you ever wondered why we have seasons? Or maybe where the sun goes when it’s night time? *Hint: It doesn’t actually go anywhere* In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about the Earth’s rotation and revolution and how these things contribute to night and day and how Earth’s tilt gives us seasons. Support at:

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Kim Kardashian risked frost bite as she went braless and flaunted her generous cleavage in a revealing black dress while braving the freezing New York City weather on Thursday

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Huge waves engulf Whitehaven harbour in Cumbria on Thursday morning as gale-force winds cause havoc throughout the country

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Despite the rainy weather on Thursday, hundreds of parents and children showed up at the Brentwood Library to hunt Easter Eggs.

A large swath of the country from Texas to New York City was bracing for yet another round of winter weather on Thursday, with sleet and ice forecast for the...

While most people enjoyed their first day of 2014 indoors to escape the cold, a select few dared to be different.

It's 73 degrees in the Mid-Atlantic today. Tomorrow it will snow.Computer model projection showing the misery index as wind-driven snow hit the Northeast U.S. on Feb. 9 2016. By Andrew Freedman2017-02-08 18:03:17 UTC If you live in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast get ready for an acute case of weather whiplash. On Wednesday in Washington D.C. a 117-year-old temperature record was broken as temperatures surged past 70 degrees which is nearly unheard of for early February. This came on the…

Menacing: The Gold Coast is a popular spot for sun-seeking tourists - but only the hardiest of people braved the weather on Thursday afternoon

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