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21 Fun DIY Projects That Will Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

The best thing about the colder weather is definitely coming home, going into your bedroom, and wrapping yourself up in a huge blanket to make a human cocoon that you will stay in until you go outside again. Winter can be brutal, and there’s nothing better than a cozy bedroom to hang out in during those months. But making your bedroom super cozy is about more than just adding a few blankets and pillows – it’s a whole vibe that you create with decor, furniture, and colors.

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Weather Fronts - good descriptions of cold, warm, stationary and occluded weather fronts

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St. Pauls.. and rain, London | by harmonyhalo

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17 Cool Things You Need To Do To Your Dorm Room In 2017

College dorm rooms are generally something that, in their most basic, truest form, tend not to be considered particularly aesthetically pleasing. At any given dormitory at an institution of higher learning (or boarding school, for that matter) you’ll probably get some combination of the following: fluorescent lighting, off-white cinderblock walls, and yellowing linoleum floors that appear to have seen their best days around the Bush Administration. (The first one, that is.)

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What to Wear in Ireland: Packing List ideas for Dublin

If you're wondering what to wear in Ireland these packing list ideas for Dublin have you covered. Learn some local packing and travel tips!

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During cold weather please remember to care for your pets. They are depending on you.

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Shanghai (上海)

Weather in Chinese. For more info please contact: The best Mandarin School in China

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Korean Language 한국어 – Easy Korean Series 46 to 50

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