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Weather Forecasting the Old Fashioned Way

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Late Night Randomness (24 Photos)

What can you say about this? Standing speechless, you watch as the light and ambient pressure changes. You begin to hear the sound of this fury. Which way is the cell moving. Do I have shelter? The World slows down, as you stand there spellbound, full of wonder and awe. McC

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Weather Videos for Kids

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I love this picture so much.. it shows the amazing structure of a supercell. This must have been an incredible moment for those storm chasers!

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Giant waterspout in Tampa Bay. That's where I live (lighting Capitol) it's really quite beautiful here when it storms

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2015 It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest Winners

"After the Storm" by Jason Weingart [Central Texas] via 2015 It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest Winners -

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Weather pictures of the year 2011: lightning, auroras, snow and ice

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