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You can now test WiMP directly in your web browser. In addition to a new design making it even easier to find your way in the giant music catalog of over 25 million songs, users can also access music videos, a new playlist section and their new personal profile in the service.

Emoticons – Test for Unicode support in Web browsers

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RIM taking to Super Bowl airwaves with BlackBerry 10 ad spot

RIM taking to Super Bowl airwaves with BlackBerry 10 ad spot | Move over Budweiser and GoDaddy, there's a new commercial coming to the biggest game of the year. Buying advice from the leading technology site


Selenium is a set of tools that when put together can automate web browser testing in the most efficient manner. It is an open source automated testing framework that can be used to write and execute test cases on a variety of web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. For further reading visit:

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13 Essential Tools to Check Cross-Browser Compatibility

We've compiled a list of free and premium cross-browser testing tools to help you easily test any kind of browser combination for your website.

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Twitter Tests Notifications In Your Web Browser

In that sense, offering a notifications system where your Twitter alerts can pop up wherever you are online is one way of drawing existing u...

Para trabajar con tipografías en el desarrollo Web: esta página pretende ofrecer un servicio ampliado de lo que ya ofrecen #google Web Fonts y entre otros y para quienes no necesiten adentrarse en CSS empleando @font-face. En fase Beta, podemos solicitar nuestra inclusión

Microsoft’s Edge Is More Power Efficient than Google Chrome Test Shows: Microsoft used in-house tests to show that Google Chrome is a…

Web browser showdown: Which Windows app is really the best? | PCWorld


With Intern you can easily run tests using your local machine's web browser or on any other machine running a Selenium server. Sometimes a project will need to be tested across a wide range of platforms and browsers, more than an individual user or even an enterprise may have available.