Ok, so after my husband proposed I cleaned my ring DAILY. I mean, with my toothbrush, WHILE brushing my teeth. Gross, but we've all done it and maybe still do. Which I hear toothpaste is abrasive and not good to do, but I was desperate for that sparkle. Then moved on to gimmicky ring cleaners and ultrasonic machines, you name it. I may have even purchased a few things from the kiosk guy in the mall? I'll never admit it. But nothing really gave it that, 'I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!' glisten. T...
Mens Wedding Band - Titanium polished and satin
Kauai - Silicone Wedding Ring, - (Mens Pro-Athletic Series) Designed for Comfort, Fitness, Exercise, Weight Lifting/Training, Running, Rubber Ring, Safe Silicone Wedding Band
apparently, "wedding ring rash" is a thing.  and having sensitive skin (and eczema) makes one prone to it.  here's a ring cleaning solution that might be the trick!
Did you know you could clean your diamond rings with Windex? Try this DIY Ring Cleaning Solution to make your rings SPARKLE!
For those of you getting your Aggie Ring this Friday, here are some cleaning tips for your gold!
Homemade car drawer fresheners. Add Downy Unstoppable scent beads in dollar store wedding favor bags or dryer fabric softener sheets, tied with a ribbon. The scent will last for months. - Crafts All Over
Make your engagement look more sparkly with these DIY tips! | Brides.com
wedding band tattoo with initials
Perfect wedding nails. Essie "vanity fairest." The softest pink with the most subtle hints of sparkle/shimmer. Perfect at 3 coats.
Staub Cast-Iron 12-Piece Cookware Set
beautiful oval-shaped diamond
My wedding band was too tight around my finger at one point I should have used WD-40 to help take it off. :O
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