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Wedding Day Emergency Kit - need to remember to get all this so I'm all ready for my maid of honor duties! Also, need to add a Mr. Clean magic eraser to this list! Best thing ever for removing stains on delicate fabric.

No matter how many wedding blogs, magazines or planners you read, you are bound to forget some aspect of your planning. This is why I put together this handy wedding emergency kit list so you can remember all the last minute things you might need for your big day. I sure could have used a …

Free Printable Wedding Emergency Kit List

The MOST comprehensive wedding survival kit ever. "Bag-Lady Wedding Emergency Pack". This would be excellent for a very prepared Maid of Honor to bring on the wedding day - it will ease the stress of the Bride knowing absolutely ALL the bases are covered.

The MOST comprehensive Wedding Emergency/Survival Kit possible. Check it out at Miffed Chick on Caffeine: The "Bag-Lady Wedding Emergency Pack"

Wedding day emergency kit. Def used a lot of these at the wedding I was in last week so I have a good one started!

48 Items To Have In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

"We know everything will go perfectly on the day of your wedding, but it never hurts to be prepared. Here is a great graphic that tells you what to pack in your wedding emergency kit."

How To Deal With Any Wedding Emergency

What should be in your wedding emergency kit? Find out!

What should be in your wedding emergency kit? [ "Costa Rica Wedding Ideas - Preparation - What should be in your wedding emergency kit?

This has one of the most complete lists for a wedding emergency kit! A most do for all Maids of Honor out there! - weddingsabeautiful

emergency wedding day stuff: bobby pins+ hair spray + makeup/remover + clear nail polish/remover/clippers/file + tissues + baby wipes + extra jewelry + mints + deodorant + pain killers + antacids + bandaids/first aid kit + snacks for energy