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Wedding Guests In Tuxedos

Find the groom. Stick men in envelopes and hide around shower. Race to find groom! - This went over way better than I expected. They loved it!

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Taped to the bottom of each guest's chair was an envelope that said "who has the groom?" Inside the envelopes was a print out of a tuxedo that had a picture of a celebrity male's head attached. In one envelope, instead of a celebrity was the groom's head and the lucky person with that envelope won the door prize!

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"Who Has the Groom?" For this game I googled a picture of a tuxedo and printed it out, then I flipped through magazines and cut out fun celebrity faces and glued them on the tuxedos. For Jen's future hubby, Brandon, I cut out a little heart that said "I love Jen." Then put all the "men" in envelopes and put them at each place setting. Make sure to have a post-it note on the envelopes with the name of who's inside (especially for the groom). Whichever guest gets the groom, wins a prize!

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Emerson Made tux - If I were ever a grooms girl in my bff's wedding like Carrie in SATC, I would wear this!

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David Gandy in Dolce Gabbana tux. But want my husband to wear white bow tie (his identical twin wears black tie). I obviously can tell who is my husband but confusing for guests & photographer when identical twins. One must wear white bow tie, like at wedding -Mari

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Women in Suits: The Ladies Who Got It Right

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