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Wedding Reply Card Etiquette

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Invitation Design Workshop _ How To Assemble Invitations In The Proper Order | Invitation Design

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Wedding etiquette — How to say “no children” :: Calgary wedding planner


I understand not everyone on my guest list speaks French. RSVP, loosely translated, means: LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE COMING OR NOT!

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Wedding RSVP Wording Examples

perfect! wedding rsvp (reply card) wording -- love this part: "•Some guests will assume that their guests/dates/friends are of course invited, regardless of to whom you address the card. You can avoid these assumptions by writing “___ of ___ guest(s) will attend”, and then pre-filling in the second blank with the number of people that you are inviting. Some may find this slightly distasteful, but it certainly does get the point across!"

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Find out How Many People Will Come to Your Wedding

Formula for how many guests will attend wedding: (# of out of town guests x 65%) + (# of local guests x 90%) = total # estimated to attend. [I think this errs on the high side.]