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My Ultimate Happy HOME Cleaning Routine Plus FREE Printable Checklist

Gonna try to stick to this list every day. Becoming more OCD in my old age but it's worth living in a clean and healthy home. Healthy Home = Happy Home.


I like the idea of knocking chores out in small little segments. Keeps the hubby thinking I'm what I'm not (a housewife) and lets me keep doing what I love (no, not the hot guy down the street - mainly because there aren't any hot guys down the street but seriously - writing) and finally, it sets the stage for the man-boys to get their own chores d.o.n.e.


This is my website. When someone wants to order online have them go to when they place their order it will ask them if it is for a party and they can enter your name! If they don't you will not get credit.


{a clean home

Print out a chart that works with your home. Recycle an old frame and frame it. Post in an accessible place. Use a dry-erase marker to check things off as you do them. At the end of the day/week/month use a soft cloth to clean glass. Great for kids and adults!


Guest Blogger: How a Cleaning Chart may keep your Household Sane

Here is a 2 person filled in Weekly Chore Chart that is good for the month. What is nice about this set up is that the 2 people take turns with certain chores different weeks. There is also a blank version of this chart available to fill in yourself that I posted on the same organization board. These can be printed as each month arrives, or print multiples for the year ahead. :)


Heather says: Here’s a weekly chore schedule to help keep a clean house.  Home Ec 101 gets a lot of requests for help figuring out how to get and keep a house clean. There’s no big secret here, it’s just a matter of dividing the chores into manageable chunks.… Keep reading...