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Weeping angel or statue costume

This amazing Doctor Who costume is much easier than you might think to create. #halloween


use panty hose legs to make ar gloves rather than body paint. (also a tutorial on how to make a weeping angel costume) crafty_tardis: Beware the Weeping Angels

Helen of Troy- How to make an Ionic chiton -- willdo up some Weeping Angels like this methinks!

Using a mop head to make a wig. This one is for my Weeping Angel Costume. Spray painting it with a grayish stone texture spray paint. I did my best to show step by step instructions. Pinterest won't let me share directly from my page so here's the link. copy/paste


Weeping Angel Costume by ~BroadwayK14 on deviantART Wonder how many people would freak out and stare at me all night...


How to Make Weeping Angel Costumes – Costuming Tutorial | Celebration Generation: Food, Life, Kitties!

Weeping Angel Costume Tutorial


Weeping angel costume tutorial


Doctor Who 'Blink' weeping angel costume walk through. Some VERY good tips on making wings, dress, mask, hair AND painting.


clever way to get around painting yourself.