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A Wi-Fi scale that uses patented Position Control™ technology to deliver the most accurate body composition readings (weight, body fat and water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass). Withings Body provides immediate on-screen feedback and automatically synchronizes with your smartphone to display trends and help you reach your weight goals.

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DIY Equipment for Outdoor Play - Balance Scales

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Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Get Real & Practice Portion Control

Portion Control Practice – The best way to control portion size is with a scale, but sometimes you can’t weight your food (party, restaurant, etc.) so these charts may help. #sponsored #giftsthatdo

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Science - Using a Balance Scale... How Many Bears Does It Weigh?

This is a fun activity to explore the science of balance and weight in the classroom. Have the students use the classroom balance scales to see how much items from their pencil boxes weigh. Does it weigh 1 bear, 2 bears, 3 bears, or more? Your students will have fun weighing their school supplies and recording their data!

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Measurement Centers: Very Hands-On

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Science for Kids: Make a Balance

Great activity for the students to make their own scale! Age 5 Use familiar materials to measure things (e.g., popsicle sticks, unifix cubes, paper clips, crayons, hand). Actively explore simple machines (e.g., pulleys, levers, wheels).

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Luggage Scale - Portable Digital Handheld Scales From Cardinal True. Determine Baggage Weight to Avoid Airline Fees. Easy to Read and Travel Ready. Weigh Suitcase with Precise Electronic Display Using a Simple, Durable Postal Strap. 110 Lbs / 50 Kg Cardinal Deals

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Your scale can't tell you if it's fat weight or muscle weight - use a tape measure or how your clothes fit to be sure! #Fatloss #BuildMuscle

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