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I've finally hit the point that I want to actively lose weight. So here's a #weightlosstracker. Each 10 lbs lost gets a treat. What a great idea.

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Weight Loss Measurements Chart! Great way to help keep you motivated when you don't feel like you are loosing weight or feeling like you wanna quit cause it's too hard. Just look at your weekly chart to see you progress! Baby steps, you loose weight one pound at a time.

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6 Amazing Weight Loss Tips For women

Hello ladies, If You wanna cut your some extra pound and want some quick weight loss tips my today’s article is for you. Find 6 Amazing weight loss tips for woman.

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6 Effective Ways To Control Your Appetite

#1 Weight loss SECRET nobody is telling you..THIS WORKS FAST! I lost over 15+ lbs in 3 wks. I'm getting such good results from it! CLICK to check it out

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Daily Motivation (16 photos)

Your weight loss: and I need to point out that the average American eats more pounds of cheese in a year than the weight of a 2 year old..... Well I do anyhow

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How many calories in a pound of fat?

Fill your meals with nutritious low calories foods and you'll have plenty to eat! You don't have to lose weight by starving!

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