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a mind no longer attached to its body is lost without, but tortured with

I like this because it looks like the person is trying to pull themselves out of reality.

UK-based Rosanna Jones is a 19 year old fashion photography student who has created a series of paintings called ‘Skin’, and they explore the theme of body image and identity.

Kelly Monson, Suction,  June 2011, Graphite, 16 x 20

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Weird Art

cumaeansibyl: kleenexwoman: ANGLERFISH MERMAID OH MY FUCKING... (http://dreamboatcourtney.tumblr.com/)

So, apparently this is from the Italian movie poster for Il prato macchiato di rosso [The Bloodstained Lawn], but if we’re talking deep-sea mermaid, I think an angler-fish mermaid takes the cake.

Epic Music Art. Weird...but I like

Epic Music Art

Gorgeous artwork of re-imagined musical instruments. The drum is probably my favorite.