Weird dreams are the best

Weird dreams are the best

This one time I woke up and nearly screamed "Thank goodness I'm not pregnant'' and to this day i have no clue what the dream was

The 10 most common dreams and their meanings infographic photography

These ten dreams are the most common dream that people are most likely having and it shows what each of the dreams mean.

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One time in a dream someone insulted me and I made the best comeback that I woke up laughing like a crazy person at

I am really good at remembering dreams... now I want to learn to control them better. Weird, kind of. :)

So I heard you want to have Lucid Dreams

33 Of The Best Whispers

33 Of The Best Whispers

What if your pillow collected your dreams and you could plug it into your laptop and watch them over and over again. I could write better novels than Stephen King himself!

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The weird thing is I've had that dream before.and I just ate gummy bears today Im disturbed

This is kinda an update on this but anyway. Keep in mind this was before I started watching Dan and Phil. So in the dream I'm in my bedroom and this one girl in my class was claiming to love Dan and Phil (without watching them ever though) and I'm yelling at her saying she's faking it and my other friend who watches them is backing me up and two of my other friends are beating her up  like what even

Omg once I had a dream my pets could talk and my dog said"omg I totes hate my dog food" and my cat went"there some sort of dry meat nuggets" and I woke up hating my life

Did they see me down there

Did they see me down there

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One i want to be that dimension and two thwyare going to have boring dreams

this is fabulous, but we should really do that with justin beiber instead

Way better than my average dreams. I dream weird stuff

psychofactz:    More Facts on Psychofacts :)    I don’t believe this post. For one reason:  Tom Hiddleston.

I seriously doubt Channing Tatum has had a dream about me! What idiot writes these things! <-- Well you could be the random person walking around in their dreams

Swear I have weird dreams and they say it's trying to fix the problems your going through,but I dream one time about me saving a city while I turned into a bunny with lasers shooting out of my eyes and don't get me started on the other weird ones.

Swear I have weird dreams. Seriously last night I dreamt about everyone I know turning into a platypus and so I broke into song and jumped onto a building and then flipped off

This has happened before! Like, it doesn't always happen, but I have had moments where I think "Wait... Deja Vu!" And then I think about when it was, until I finally remember that it was a dream the first time!

Sooo my whole grade is going to be Gracelings in the Hunger Games and Im going to win and gandalf is going to whisk me off on an adventure to kill a dragon?<---I always have déjà vu