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The Most Hottest Milla Nova 2016 Wedding Dresses

milla nova 2016 bridal wedding dresses /

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Another 12 Even Weirder Dresses

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10 Weird Dresses Made from Recycled Materials

Dresses+Made+From+Recycled+Materials | 10 Weird Dresses made from Recycled Materials

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The Light Couture of Daisy Balloon

Seriously creative! Inspiring all kinds of thoughts. I'm going to use this someday. Don't know how, but I will! Balloons! Who knew?!

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Edible Fashion by Ted Sabarese

5 edible fashion pieces created by Ted Sabarese. Had you even considered dressing up as bread?

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Lanesta Bridal - The Heart of The Ocean Collection

Wedding Dress by Lanesta Bridal - The Heart of The Ocean Collection

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hahahaha.... okay, let's see -- a toaster for a hat to go with your toast dress! What I want to know is.... where's the toast purse?????

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Amelia Sposa 2017 Wedding Dresses - Royal Blue Collection

Wedding Dress by Amelia Sposa 2017 - Royal Blue Collection

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Umbrella Dresses

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Victor en Rolf 2010 Not sure if I love it. Dont think i would wear it... But i think the color has something to do with that. but I definitely think it's interesting and a cool idea

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