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Me when someone says they don't like twenty one pilots

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Props to Bastille for making yet another brilliant (and weird) music video

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The Beautiful One ● Prince

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My touch is black and poisonous and nothing like my punch drunk kiss I know you need it do you feel it drink the water drink the winee

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illuminated inlay Ibanez guitar jem Steve Vai Guitars guitar guitarra guitare gitarren gitare guitar player god hero world magazine shred scales scale lesson lesson picture photo pics pic

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this is what fuels me (other than burning self hatred)

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for him. // troye sivan

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I feel like posting this, so deal with it.

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David bowie .

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I'D KNOW THAT PINKY ANYWHERE<<< it's weird because i do the same thing with my hand and i think i picked it up from watching gerard too much like somebody help me

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