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Slate Stand Up Plaque - To Be Born Welsh ( Dragon) - Welsh Gifts. One of my favorite poems from one of my favorite online shops. :-)


Daily Welsh lesson. My Style especially with my Welsh heritage Grandparents Cymru Am Byth


14 Brilliant Welsh Words Everyone Needs To Start Using

I chose this because I thought it paired well with the reading for today. The language is hard to read and say and I thought this was a fun way to look at the language.


Taming the Dragon: My 3-Month Welsh Language Learning Update

Welcome to my first progress report on my own language study. It's pretty comprehensive and longer than my usual blog articles, so I figured we'll just jump in! First of all, let me give you a quick impression of how the past 3 months have gone: * I've been spending 1-3 hours per week on my Welsh studies, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less * I've been combining a good bunch of resources and several people who talked to me in Welsh * I'm feeling…