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whats your wolf name? Too bad I'm not moon moon hahah PW

Werewolf name | Silver Glow... I sound like a homo or something!

What's your werewolf name Mines- Silver heart or w/ maiden name-Silver Forest :)

What is your Werewolf Name?

My werewolf name is White Temptress. What is your Werewolf Name?

I am The ugly dragon of the seas.

I am the Vengeful Unicorn of the East

I am the savage unicorn of the seas! Yes I am the unicorn savage that lives in the sea and causes all the tsunamis because I am a villain!

Dammit Moon-moon! I'm pretty satisfied with mine it's savage howler

Dammit Moon-moon!

Oh Moon Moon. We will never forget you! << I am Alpha Beast. I sound like the complete opposite of Moon Moon. But I shall always love Moon Moon ❤️

Or imagine the one who loves you/you love the most being your pet dog... a tiny chihuahua going into the deep dark woods because master must return... a tiny bork vs a snarling growl and *poof* Jerry is back and snuggling fido...

i want a fantasy series in which all of these grandma hero prompts are compiled into three separate books and then there's a fourth book that comes out in which they all meet up for knitting and exchanging recipes and then they go fight evil

Villain name generator = fail. My name was "Captain Lord"...

He's Probably Not the Villain This Game Needs Right Now...

Villain name generator = fail. My name was "Captain Lord".>>> The dark lord O.o >> I am The Dark Robot!


Omfg I literally got scarlet demon are you kidding me ? I sound like a friecking sycotic murderer that eats there victims !

I couldn't resist making my own Moon Moon memes haha #werewolf_name @Yui Sehara @Aylee Mac

I couldn't resist making my own Moon Moon memes haha Liu Liu Sehara Cody Cody Mac