Lycanthrope - Werewolf. Berserkers may have been the inspiration for werewolves, because the fighters wore pelts into battle and fought like fierce animals.

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"The mouse raised a finger of his paw and pointed behind her. She turned and saw that the dog man was clawing his way up the trunk of the tree."

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Agression vs Fear in Wolves cheat sheet: Snarls by KFCemployee on DeviantArt

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Fantasy | Magical | Fairytale | Surreal | Enchanting | Mystical | Myths | Legends | Stories | Dreams | Adventures | Into the Woods :: Katerina Plotnikova

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A wolf came out of the mist besides me. Its icy-blue eyes locked onto mine before it signaled me to follow it. I walked next to him deeper into the forest. When the wolf started to run I knew it would be impossible to keep up, but I maintain my pace without growing weary. It was an amazing feeling of freedom and I felt like I could ran forever.

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