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"What's That?" Wednesday: Western Conifer Seed Bug All about western conifer seed bugs with printable fact and activity sheet!

Keeping Seed Bugs Out... The western conifer seed bug is a nuisance pest...all over the school right now.

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Western Conifer Seed Bugs - Known for their noisy flying and pungent smells, western conifer seed bugs can become a nuisance once they gain entry inside a home ~ via

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The western conifer seed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis, sometimes abbreviated as WCSB, is a species of true bug (Hemiptera) in the family Coreidae. It was originally native to the warm-temperate western USA (California, Oregon and Nevada) but has in recent times expanded its range and become an invasive species in parts of Europe. This species is sometimes colloquially called "the leaf-footed bug", but actual leaf-footed bugs are an entire group of species in Leptoglossus and related…

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