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Your Complete Guide To The Key Characters Of "Westworld"

Westworld Character Guide - Who Is Cast Of New HBO Show: Logan (Ben Barnes) Logan is a return visitor to the park, and this time he's brought along his apprehensive friend Will in hopes of loosening him up. Logan freely indulges in the hedonistic pleasures that Westworld has to offer, killing men and sleeping with women with abandon. His stance on the hosts is the opposite of Will's, which could set them up for a huge conflict in which Will will defend a host from Logan.

'Stranger Things' (2016-) by The Duffer Brothers. The 80's style sci-fi show featured on Netflix. This show is a Stephen King loving, nostalgic haven. A wonderful cast shaping brilliantly observed characters in an eerie, intriguing homage to the greats of the 80's. Goonies style investigation, ET style jeopardy and all of the bizarre and eery aspects of your favourite King classics. The perfect series.

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'Westworld' Review: The Mystery Deepens, Cast Expands In Episode Two

they lived outside of society. cast out by all for their love of the old ways of the old world. some of her family turned to faking prayer in the town church, kat, however, took to the plains with a vengeance. reveling in her connection to earth amidst the changing world

As part of our research into pre-cast concrete panels for Lisson Grove project Michael and Helen have been casting beautiful plaster facade elements. This section shows our proposed 3:4:5 grid with profiled panels that cast shadow across the facade (photo mæ)