How to Paint a Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Washes, art by Jody Bergsma ( To find more painting techniques visit her blog at ( Filming and editing by Rockenbach Productions ( Soundtrack by Dark Arps ( and Lawrence (

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Water Cycle Craft - no instructions, but pretty easy to figure out what to do and mostly straight-cutting except for the sun which is pretty easy to make or find elsewhere. These would be fun to make for the WOW journey.

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felted soap tutorial. so simple & so pretty, they’d make great holiday gifts. all you need is felt, hot water, some old tights & bar soap. click through for details

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Family Handyman DIY Tip of the Day: Inexpensive Wet Basement Solution. Sloping the soil away from the house will take care of the problem most of the time. Firmly pack clay soil around the foundation, with at least a 4-in. slope over the first 4 ft. Place 6-mil black plastic over the soil and cover it with landscape rock. Install 4- to 6-ft. gutter extensions to your downspouts to direct water farther away from your foundation.

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