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What's A Adjective

What Are Fairies? A Basic Overview of Fairies. o begin, “fairies” is the plural form of the species; the singular of the noun is “fay.” There are a great number of folks who use the word “fey” as a noun, but this is incorrect, it is an adjective and basically means “fated to die.” I know people will argue the fay/fey point, claiming this is how new-age folks and those “in the know” do it. Well, be that as it may,

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What Does Pagan Mean

"Pagan" is a word that emerged in the late 14th century. It can be both a noun and an adjective, and its meaning has shifted throughout the centuries. In modern parlance, the term "pagan" can be both a noun describing a person who adheres to paganism, or an adjective meaning of or related to paganism.

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Learn 11th Grade Chemistry

Nonmenclature Naming -ide for compounds with non-metals, and use -ite vs. -ate to differentiate between similar but different anions (same elements, one HAS to be oxygen but different charges/quantities)


PARTS OF SPEECH: What is a "noun"? What is an "adjective"? What's a "pronoun"? FIND OUT HERE.

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10 Facts About Spanish Adjectives You Need To Know

This quick overview of Spanish adjectives explains how they're used and how they're different from English adjectives.

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Books with Adjectives

These books can be very helpful because they teach and model adjectives that are in the sentences of the book. When the student read the book that will get a chance to know what a adjective look like or what type of word it is.

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3rd grade Reading, Writing Worksheets: Baby animals!

What's a baby cat called? In this language arts worksheet, your child does some basic research to find and write the names of baby animals, then uses a thesaurus to find adjectives that mean very small.

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Halloween Noun & Adjective Challenge

What a SPOOKTACULAR way to have a little fun with nouns and adjectives this Halloween! My students love anything that I call a "challenge," and this certainly is one! This activity is a great way to practice nouns, adjectives, thinking skills, synonyms, vocabulary development, thesaurus usage, etc. Eight noun grids and eight adjective grids are included. $3.25

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5 Characteristics That All Dreams Have in Common

8 common things people dream about 1.Being Chased 2.Dealth 3. Crosses 4.Demons 5.killing 6.Money 7.People 8.Being Trapped