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Here's another quick workout you can do in the comfort of your own home. Don't know what a Burpee is? No worries:


Plyometric training is a category of movements that use super explosive actions in short amounts of time like squat jumps, tuck jumps and burpees! They require minimal equipment so these bad boys can be done anywhere, anytime! So instead of clocking up the k’s, why not try your hand at this super quick and super effective workout that will challenge both your mind and your body! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… right?


10 At-Home Workouts To Have Beautiful Toned Legs

Always Busy & don't have time to workout? Here's a collection of workouts you can do at home, to have the ultimate toned & sexy legs you've always wanted!


myfitness-app: Speciální podpora pro můj blog následovníky! Zde je vaše cestování bez cvičení z mé knihy šest měsíců až Sexy Legs Chceš 6 měsíců tréninku? Chcete se cítit věří, šťastný a silný? Získejte svou kopii své knihy na dnes a získejte 10 kapitol inspirace! 24 týdnů potu! Přes 100 cvičení a Stretch SCHÉMATA! Plus Kniha je plná tipů a triků, aby vám na sexy nohy, které jste vždy chtěli. XO-Amy Chisholm


Sorry For What I Said During Burpees. When you need a funny workout shirt to cleverly show your love of fitness and your hatred of burpees: grab this funny fitness shirt to tell em "Sorry for what I said during burpees."Just because you care about being fit, and pretty much live at the gym doesn't mean it's always wine and roses.