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He is gone. Sirius walks slowly into the house he knows so well but it’s so different because his blood is not the same anymore. As he crouches next to the body of his brother, his fingers just about to close his eyes, Sirius’ blood changes colour and it’s black once more. He wants revenge. And he gets what he doesn’t deserve, his blood is frozen still because James is gone and all the promises he made to the small boy are gone.

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It's all about getting your fitness routine on lockdown. :lock: You only get out of what you put in!

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First of all its Beedle The Bard not needel the barb... Ugh im sorry but it annoyed me to much not to comment on that

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I look forward to the turn of a New Year for all of the quintessential reasons. It always brings about a clean slate, a fresh start, and a moment of reflection – one that begs you to take the time to think back to what was, and improve on what’s to come. 2016 was a great year in the design world, and while many of my predictions (which you can read about here) still ring true, I’m excited to share what’s next, at least as far as I’m concerned. Following are my favourite design trends for…

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As Racist White Americans voted for these two to stop Immigrants and Minorities from "Getting Free Stuff and Their Tax Dollars" hope you included yourselves in the equation. It's all about "Undoing what The Black President Did" no matter who it hurts. It gonna be interesting when "They" figure out They're Fucked Too!! The Hate In This County is beyond belief.

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That was me!! I was like what the he can't go out like that. I had a feeling tho when I first saw it he can't be dead he'll come back and shoot krennic

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Asparagus Stir Fry

Aside from our girls finally eating asparagus, what I love about this recipe is that it is simple, quick flavorful! Use 21 day fix All Purpose seasoning for a clean eating meal. This meal is less than $10 for a family of four and I do shop at Aldi.

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Idk about seeing God from this,, but definitely GORGEOUS!! It's the best of both! Lol

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THIS! THIS!! THIS!! Says it ALL for me!! The "Scorched Earth" Character Assignation they did on Hillary Clinton was the worst thing ever. We saw Americans behave like Animals led by an Extremely Flawed Human Being who Divided and Tore this Nation in two. Everyone should be Ashamed of what took place in Our Nation. Shameful.

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Yuri on Ice isn't really my type of anime, but cosidering what i heard about it, that shows pretty well what's the anime about

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