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2017 doesn't have to do a lot to be better than 2016.

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That was me!! I was like what the he can't go out like that. I had a feeling tho when I first saw it he can't be dead he'll come back and shoot krennic

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Cheesy Italian Pinwheels

These Cheesy Italian Pinwheels from Gonna Want Seconds might just be the best appetizer EVER! Not only is the recipe super simple to make, but it’s incredibly delicious too! They are they are buttery, crispy , delicious, and filled with salami, mustard, cheese — YUM!

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If I have the money when I'm older, I may do something like this

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As Long As you Standing Give a Hand to those who have FALLEN

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As Racist White Americans voted for these two to stop Immigrants and Minorities from "Getting Free Stuff and Their Tax Dollars" hope you included yourselves in the equation. It's all about "Undoing what The Black President Did" no matter who it hurts. It gonna be interesting when "They" figure out They're Fucked Too!! The Hate In This County is beyond belief.

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Yeah, anyone else feel like this was written in about three or four times and they decided at the last minute to cut it out?

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Usually if you're gonna be a smart a** it is generally a good idea to find out what time it was when something like that happens. So you don't look like a dumba** in awesome come backs like that one.

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But too two aren't straight. Gonna be kinda hard for you

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