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goddammit gerard why are you so pretty

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""Why are you depressed?" Chemical imbalance. "No, like what happened?" Nothing, it's just a mental illness."

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7 GMO Infographics You May Have Missed

Foods we eat in America that are BANNED in other countries! (truly our S.A.D. is sad...and damn dangerous!)

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do your beauty products contain THIS?!

This is truly shocking, I try my best eat organic as much as possible and stay chemical free but little did I know I'm still taking in dangerous chemicals everyday!

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Do you know what Monsanto is putting in your food? Shouldn't they have to warn you that they are chemically altering nature?

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~looked so miffed, when you wished, for a thousand places better than this... you are a fugitive but you don't what you're running from, you can't kid us and you couldn't trick anyone, houdini love you don't know what you're running away from~

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The Dangers of Eating Canned Soup: Toxic Brands & Better Choices

What's in the soup you are feeding your family and how does your favorite brand match up? What's in the soup you have been feeding your family? Curious. We studied all the major brands to see how they measured up when it comes to GMOs, MSG & BPA. And oh boy, what we found was shocking. Are you eating Campbell's Condensed Soup Progresso Healthy Choice or Wolfgang Puck? We looked into all these brands and a bunch more. And don't worry, we found some good brands to recommend as well!

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Chemicals additives banned in other countries but allowed in US foods

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chemicals for beauty

Сhemicals for beauty! Everyday we apply different cosmetic materials such as shampoos, lotions, deodorants and lipsticks to have a better look and some of them contain substantial amounts of chemicals, that many times are harmful to our body.

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Your free guide to chemicals in cosmetics...  #skincare

What You Need to Know About Cosmetics & Chemicals (Infographic)

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