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I spent a good chunk of time this past Friday creating more efficient lash tiles. If you are a client and you've ever wondered what extensions look like before they are applied to your lashes...this is what my setup looks like. You can see there are 3 different curls on this tile, each the same diameter size. This makes tailoring design and customizing SO MUCH EASIER! Not gonna lie...I've been pretty excited to return to work today to put these babies to use!

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faux eyelashes - great way to display samples of eyelashes when they are in stores. I don't see this much, but would be nice, because it would let the buyer have some idea of what the lashes might look like on their own lids.


Today was a good brow n lashes day. Who can ask for more? brow wiz in brunette n dip brow in ebony, lashes are in pixie luxe. Most of you ask what mascara I wear, diorshow in blackout. - @beautybymegannaik-