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Hey guys! I hope your all having an awesome day! If your wondering what the pens are called that I used for this drawing they are Sakura gelly roll pens! a lot of people ask about them I hope you guys like this doodle and thank you so much for 70k! #zentangle#gellyroll#pens

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This is Life in Bloom - a free mandala coloring page for you to print, color, and share. :) Drawn by @tabbybarnett,6d00633a-d4b0-2dab-e682-d2d376d42782

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Hand Painted Stone Mandala

This listing is for 2 mandala stones. There is a navy blue background and white hand drawn mandala. These stones are sealed but not meant to be wet for extended periods of time and are intended for indoor display. What is a mandala? Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. Mandalas have spiritual and ritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandalas often exhibit radial balance. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be used for meditation. In common use, the word…

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Another Misdiagnosis of Alzheimer's Another Miracle

I'm doubting this is real stained glass: looks more like fractal photography. Still . . . stunning idea!

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Legolas? What are you up to now? //// He's just making more of those faces that Thrandy ridiculed him about :)

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"What's taking me so long with the mandala stones?" You may ask... These are individual works of art that I dedicate a lot of time, love and energy into. I also have lots of other painting commitments over the summer which are coming to a close soon. Finally, I'm trying to build a big collection of the stones so I can create some lovely photographic pieces of them- not everyone who wants a stone will be able to get one/afford one- they are limited in numbers and are priced accordingly. I…

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A mandala is a picture that tells a story, the story of a journey that we can follow. We all seek happiness and fulfillment, and Mandalas are a tool that can guide us straight to the heart of this search. In following the path through a mandala we are seeking to find the wholeness that lies at the core of us, the stillness that always remains no matter what storms may surround us.

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"[mandalas] ... are all based on the squaring of a circle. Their basic motif is the premonition of a centre of personality, a kind of central point within the psyche, to which everything is related, by which everything is arranged, and which is itself a source of energy. The energy of the central point is manifested in the almost irresistible compulsion and urge to become what one is." Jung

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