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Migraines are finally being recognized as a worldwide debilitating problem. Click here to know what complicated migraine symptoms look like and what you can do to treat them. FAST!


Certain foods may trigger a #migraine. Learn the 27 foods to avoid by clicking the link below:


Me for telling I'm telling you green gardens are not what's growing on my physc, it's a different me


Triggers For Migraine Headaches

Migraine is able to be completely cured only if you know the reasons of its appearance. Sometimes migraines may be caused by the place where you live or even by the climate. So, you’d rather know in what conditions you feel better. Also it is important to control your diet,


Every moment for the last 26 years. I can't imagine what it must feel like to not carry this burden. Although, I shouldn't be bitching about my all consuming migraine problems when there are so many others who sadly carry much heavier, more debilitating burdens- such as nit knowing if/when they'll get another meal, or a warm bed to sleep in, or if/when their terminal illness may worsen. If migraines are among my biggest concerns, I should shut the hell up & consider myself lucky


I bet you are keen on the rose gold missy! Hahahaha and who was the one laughing their ass off at me when I slipped on ice into the snow? Huh?? Yeah that's what I thought. I'm sorry you have a migraine missy. We need to fix that guy! That's too bad you aren't going to the library guy. I guess I'll just stop making all the videos for you.