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He looks at you like you're threw moon and the stars. He's a grown man but he loves you like a boy. Desperately and whole heartedly. He's yours completely

Babe i don't know if you will see this but if you do, I want you to know that this is how much I love you and how much I wanna be with you, I will never give up on you or on us bc what we have is the most special thing in the world and I know neither of us will ever be able to replace each other because we are meant to be together forever

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DIY Star And Moon Photobooth Prop ( (

I’ve been incredibly lucky during the bulk of my shooting career, the people I’ve shot have been wonderful. I could probably count the unpleasant experiences on one hand and have fingers left over. This shoot (Emmy Magazine) was up there with the best, not just because Cait and Sam are amazing looking, but because they’re so comfortable in their skin. Funny, tireless, giving and dedicated to doing what they do beautifully. – Miranda Penn Turin

You came from the stars. That fact alone is more mind blowing than any story ever given about how we were created. Does it mean that there is no God? Absolutley not... Depends on what your definition of God is I guess.

an ideal gift for Grandparents' Anniversary with lovely words "What are Grandparents made of? Hope and pride, pure joy inside Warm hugs & kisses, shooting star wishes Tickles and fun, a sprinkle of sun Hands to hold, hearts of gold…"

Charlize Theron "The people who inspire me are the ones who just live life and live it in a way that's good-natured. Do unto others what you want done unto yourself."