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Yes. <---I often get asked things like this. "What are you a textbook?" "Jeez what are you, Google?" "What are you Spellcheck?" The answer to all of these is yes.

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I Love this! I totally agree with with Jared! I would love to know the cast like he does! My dream, actually! Jared ‘what are you talking about the whole cast acts like they are bunch of teenagers’ Gilmore

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They were in Norway and he was so shocked to find out that the washing machine was in Norwegian and everyone's just like "Go ask Rapmon" and he's like "It's not in English" then he went all like "Where are we?" Then he figures it out and he gets all happy and proud meanwhile I'm screaming into my pillow at 7 in the morning like "ITS PROBABLY IN NORWEGIAN KIDDO" what to do with this child

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Craving more? Like what you see? ➡@Pinterest Queen♚fσℓℓσω мє fσя мσяє ρσρριи ριиѕ ❥

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I look forward to the turn of a New Year for all of the quintessential reasons. It always brings about a clean slate, a fresh start, and a moment of reflection – one that begs you to take the time to think back to what was, and improve on what’s to come. 2016 was a great year in the design world, and while many of my predictions (which you can read about here) still ring true, I’m excited to share what’s next, at least as far as I’m concerned. Following are my favourite design trends for…

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#jasmineYogaTutorial : #FallenAngel Almost like side crow but way prettier. I got this as an accident when I was learning how to side crow. You see I used to cheat by resting my hip on my free elbow and tip forward to get my side crow. And thats exactly what you need for this pose. Let the entire weight rest on your elbows. Make sure your arms are chaturanga and your elbows/hands act as the fulcrum of this pose. Press your temple down and you are free to move your legs! Tips 1) Make…

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we have to learn to recognize what those people look like. they're typically not the "me too" type or the ones to buy the bulls**t story you've been singing for YEARS about why you haven't _________. search for those ACTIVE friends ... the ones that will consistently PUSH you past your comfort zone. my '17 mantra is LIMITLESS. there are NO limits to what I can accomplish. #mytaughtyou

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♡@Gracexaddisonଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧ ♡

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"The only problem with being genuinely nice to everyone is that you end up feeling consantly disappointed that people don't treat you like you treat them."

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