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It’s mind blowing to see what artist Lisa Kellner is able to do with silk organza, thread, and various pigments. Her immense sculptures take the shape of varicolored cell structures and organ-like forms . . . and look almost as if they are floating weightlessly in fluid or underwater.

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To young artists: Don’t worry about brand names of materials and just start creating. You can use almost anything to create with. Hard work and dedication will make you a better artist, not the name on the side of the utensil. As you spend more time creating, you will learn what brands and supplies you prefer for certain projects. What works best for me, doesn’t mean that is what you should use. Experiment. Try new things. Go into an art store yourself and see what might be fun t...

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This has to be shared. Credits to the artist. Depression is quiet. Anyone can fall victim to it!
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