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The symptom that scares me most during a panic attack is a feeling of 'unreality' - I feel like my surroundings aren't real and that I am in some sort of crazy dream.

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Not Everyone appears with their challenges visibly written to see with the naked eye. Like me to see me you would automatically think oh there's nothing wrong she perfectly ok. Well as much as I'd love to agree I'm not. Some of my disabilities aren't visible. There are such things as unexplainable memory loss asthma Sarcoidosis scoliosis and an unknown condition which causes my legs to become like wet! Then there's PTSD anxiety and panic attacks. That's something huh? So…

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This is what I do everyday

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Patrick in Soul Punk he was just so....Sexy!To most people he's not sexy but to me he's a SEXY GOD!!Think what you want but Patrick isn't Perfect he's Patrick Stump.There's nothing perfect about that but he is talented.And he's not perfect cause we all make mistakes.

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Mood Disorder NOS is a general term for any mood disorder that isn’t included under its own term in the DSM-IV.

What is Mood Disorder NOS?

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