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What is causing the waves in California to glow?

Southern CA ocean water glows neon at night because of massive red tide...which it happened in MA


Lack of self control is what causes rape and not these scapegoat excuses society has came up with. #Rape


I will not wave a flag or stand for a song until I can feel proud of my country again. What is happening to the protectors at Standing Rock is beyond criminal. I am ashamed of my country today.


My mind shipwrecked this is the only island my mind could find i did not know it was such a violent island full of tidel wave and suicidle lions. Theyre trying to eat me blood dripping down their chins. I know that i can fight or i can let the lions win. I begin to assemble what wepons i can find cause sometimes to stay alive YOU GOTTA KILL YOUR MIND (is that right? I did it from memory)