Our current world, but I am confident that what is now the tail will be the head one day. And after removal of all the wicked that they will do better because their spirit what the others are lacking is compassion.

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I got lost in a world of books, coffee, and sunshine today!!! Sunshine, books, and coffee are a much better way to get lost!! <3

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“Also, what do you guys think so far? What changes would you like to see if any? Contest is still going! If you comment on the original Define Mombie post…”

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Y'all, there are seven days in the week... "someday" isn't one of them. Stop living for that, you are here and alive in this very moment, your life can't wait any longer, time is still passing. So what are those things that you're waiting for "someday" to come before you do? What are those dreams you're busy dreaming while the minute hand on the clock keeps spinning? What are those goals you're afraid to go after? How you're living today is a snapshot of how you're living that one, precious…

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Postpartum depression is inside of me. And I don't even have my baby either..
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