September is National Mushroom Month. There are many toxic mushrooms so don't take them unless you know you are about to Trip balls.

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Bring your Crock Pot and let's get to work. We have a bunch of extra-delicious recipes to do with this Crock Pot. Don't you just love how easily you can cook awesome meals with it? We sure do. We brought you a lot of recipes here, so you can try whatever you like. Happy cooking!

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How to Become an Intermediate Forager in 30 Seconds : ) so cool!!!! You can take a pic of the plant and google will tell you what it is and if you can eat it!

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Fairy Pools of Scotland. Tips for Traveling to Scotland! What to Do, See, & Eat.

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I hope that I pinned the right thing. This girl is a genious. She shows you how to do the cat eye look soo easy!

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I have an idea.. Alex & I met while doing internships at Disney.. So, what if we had a nontraditional wedding cake. It would be a stack of books, with an open book on top. It would look similar to this, but on the right side it would say "...and they lived happily-ever-after." with a little scroll thing at the bottom! Then on the left side, there could be a cartoon picture of us looking all happy. Cheesy? Yes.. but it would totally fit with my "happily-ever-after" theme!! @Roxanne…

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