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What Does Dank Mean

What does "dank" mean?

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What does this even mean << it means who doesn't love filet mignon with asparagus, bone app the teeth

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Why...Field, JonTron, tongue, what. I don't know what this means, but I love it. XD

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It's true tho

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27 Photos That Prove Tumblr Is Too Funny For The Internet

I'm guessing it said something like 'as much' afterwards.... I hope so at least.😐

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Brace Yourselves, The Net Neutrality Legal Challenges Are Coming

Oh no!!! He's coming! He's COMING, I SAY!!! Hide your popcorn, everybody! Me: Okay...? What's the big deal about that? All because he's Michael Jackson doean't mean that you guys have to freak out about everything he does. You people are weird. Lady sitting next to me: Dear child, you have no idea. (Puts hand on my shoulder, shaking her head) Me in my mind: I STILL don't know what you are taking about. Besides, this is Movie Tavern. I did't bought any popcorn. Soooooo...

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I wonder what the 'N' means.......*shifts it to 'N'* IT DID NOTHING!!! *2 hours later* THIS GUY IS IN THE WAYYYYY *honks horn* NOOOOOT NOOOOT........oh so thats what it does.....

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19 Anti-Memes For People Who Have Evolved Past Memes

What does this mean for the future of art and culture?